Here I Am

Trish is a talented artist who's artistic career began by teacher herslef to draw. Her creativity is shown through her freehand drawing which also highlights her talented use of graphite and colour pencils.

Trish has also, through self education developed her skills with calligraphy and photography. Trish took her passion for art further by completing a Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Visual Communication and Design at Deakin Univeristy in Geelong.

Trish is 50 going on 17 and unigue with purple hair, who can be quoted as saying, "show me where it's written how I'm supposed to act a certain age"

Age will never define her. An obsessive plane and trainspotter who has been known to stalk her target in any weather conditions while listening to her vast music library raising more than a few eyebrows at both Tullamarine and trackside.